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The worlds first Entertainment Classified ad posting site is here to stay with a listing area to sell products in any genre or type of entertainment . Clear out your garage , of your old DJ or sound equipment !!!
Cd Lots , old broken cameras or computer for parts a repair man might find useful for a lense or shell for their broken equipment .

Entertainment Classified has a Services section to promote wether your a small business or freelancer .Post ads your first ad free on the house with any plan you pick to purchase . Constantly we update with new Jobs that can turn out to a career . Serving America and all parts of the Globe .

Welcome to Entertainment Classified worlds 1st and only Jobs , Services , gigs and events for freelancer center for Union or non union work in all types and genres of entertainment . Entertainment Classified has steady background and extra work leading roles for cast and crew . You post ads view ads for free listings of props music equipment , sound equipment excepted cars etc excepted .

We have regular everyday jobs entry level thiers Extra and Background work courtesy of Free.com . Modeling schools with scouts ,Theater crew , Leading roles and supporting cast jobs for actors also . Record Label employem.

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