Extras Casting Call in NYC for “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” 2022 Season

Extras casting in New York City for TV show, Paid background actors.

Extras must be local to the New York City area for possible work as TV show extras on the Amazon series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.“ The show is now filming in the New York City area and you must be local to the New York City area to be considered to work as an extra on the show.

This has been updated:

If interested, please check out the casting notice below.

GWCI seeking Men to portray 1960s BUSINESS MEN (NON SAG-AFTRA COVERED) for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!
This role is NOT covered by a SAG-AFTRA CBA.
Tentative Shoot Dates: 6/21, 6/22, 6/23 & 6/24
Costume Fitting: TBD
Covid Test for Fitting: TBD
Covid Test for Shoot Dates: 6/17 & 6/20

Fitting and covid tests are in BROOKLYN, NY!
Must be okay working around atmospheric smoke. No wool allergies. Interior work with period appropriate wardrobe. Must have full day/night availability as we don’t get the call time until the day before. WINTER/SPRING SEASON WARDROBE!
Wardrobe/HMU Requirements
– Men must be okay getting a period appropriate haircut, if needed, and being clean shaven on the shoot date.
– Men cannot have any visible tattoos that won’t be covered in a suit.


– Women’s hair requirements are as follows: No fashion colors. No wigs. No weaves. No braids. No undercuts. No ombré or unnatural looking highlights. No roots if hair is colored. Hair must be above the shoulders; it CANNOT touch the shoulders. If hair touches shoulders, it will need to be cut by our hair dept. Short hair is great. Any texture is ok. Gray hair on more mature women is great.
– No Tattoos for women

VAX POLICY — Consistent with the newly re-negotiated Return to Work Agreement, this production has a mandatory vaccine policy for individuals working in Zone A Cast and Crew, which includes background actors. ALL Zone A must be up to date with their vaccines, including boosters, by March 15, 2022. The Return to Work Agreement stipulates that effective March 15, 2022 only individuals who are “up to date” on their vaccines, as that term is defined by the CDC, shall be considered “fully vaccinated.” Per the CDC, individuals are considered “up to date” on their vaccines if they have received a booster dose at least 5 months after the last dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or a booster dose at least 2 months after the first dose of the J&J/Janssen vaccine. This production may make limited accommodations as required by law for individuals that cannot be vaccinated because they have a disability and/or a sincerely held religious belief.
Submission Note Instructions:

TO SUBMIT: Please email tmmm@gwcnyc.com with the following information:
*Subject line should say “FACEBOOK BUSINESS MEN”
-Are a member in good standing with SAG-AFTRA?
-Are you available for 6/21, 6/22, 6/23 & 6/24 shoot dates?
– Are you available for 6/17 & 6/20 covid tests?
-All wardrobe sizes (Men: height, weight, jacket, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe)
-Men: Are you okay getting a period appropriate haircut if needed?


-Men: are you okay being clean shaven on the shoot date?


-Have you worked on the show before? If so when and as what?
-Are you local to the NY tri-state area?
-Have you read the vaccine requirement for this show?
-Do you need the vaccine exemption info?
-Please confirm you are 18 years old or older.
-Do you have ANY tattoos? (this includes, hands, calves, feet, ankles, back of neck, behind the ear)
-Please attach current, candid photos. Need to see current hair style and length. One photo should be full body.

RATE $210/12hrs for each shoot date. Covid test $60 stipend

Kids extras casting call:

Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking KIDS [Under 18yrs old] to work on the final season of the #amazon series THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL.

Children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian & have a valid NY Child Performer work permit, Trust Account, and ID (such as birth certificate or SS card AND a report card or medical record). VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not have the performer work permit set up and brought with you to set, your child will not be able to work and you will be sent home.***






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