NOW CASTING: Are You EXTREMELY Proud Of Your Appearance? (Nationwide) Open To All Body Types/Gender Expressions/Backgrounds!

Are you extremely loud and proud in your physical appearance? Can you confidentially and proudly say that you’re beautiful, attractive and/or handsome in your own way?

Does the way you look trigger or polarize people around you? Do people ever criticize you for being vain or full of yourself?
Do you feel that it’s a misconception that life is easier for people look a certain way?
Do people stop you on the street and comment? Get a lot attention anywhere you go? Do you catch strangers catching a glimpse? Or even a secret photo?
Despite looking and feeling your best, are you often judged, underestimated or misconstrued solely based on what you look like?
Does your physical appearance play a major role in WHO you are and how you live your life?
Do you put a substantial amount of time, money and effort into achieving your ideal aesthetic?

Acclaimed television production company and a major cable network are currently seeking dynamic, charismatic and “open-book,” people who have a stand out and can’t be missed physical appearance to share their story in a groundbreaking new documentary series. Perhaps they receive criticism for their appearance. Perhaps they receive praise, and maybe even societal privilege. The series will peel back the eye-catching outward appearance and share participants inner world and daily life.

To apply, email Please include: Name/Age/Location, Phone & Email, Social media handles, brief bio and photos

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