Are you a big and beautiful couple?

Are you large, in charge and in love?  If you are a large person and are in love, a new show would love to hear your love story to show the world that “happily ever after” comes in all sizes.

The show and the show’s casting team are searching for America’s largest couples.  If you are in a relationship, whether you are a couple dating, a couple that is married, are in a committed relationship and you both are very overweight, the show’s casting directors would love to hear your story and possibly meet you.

An award winning studio is in the process of working on a new cable television show that will be highlighting some of the biggest couples in America.

Here is what they are looking for:

  • Both of you are at least 100 lbs. overweight.
  • Both of you are residents of the United States
  • All ages, races and genders are A OK.
  • Couples may be same sex or opposite sex.

If the above sounds like you, check out the casting notice on this page for the information on how to be considered to be on the show.

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